Job 31 has assisted churches and men’s ministries by visiting or talking with them directly. If you're interested in having the founder to come and speak at a breakfast, event, or conference, email him directly matt@j31.org

Job 31 has a passion to equip, empower, and help men engage their faith with godly integrity. The origination of Job 31 Ministries is based upon the Biblical blueprint of Job, chapter 31, wherein, is a set of ten traits of a godly man. 

We are a Christ-centered non-profit ministry, to assist men in living free in the calling and gifts in which each were individually given. To help churches, para-ministries, organizations, and individuals learn to navigate through culture and daily life with godly manhood--the way man was designed.


100% of every donation is utilized for the ministry and missions; we'd appreciate  if you'd help us grow and to produce more  resources.

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Be a man of character and integrity.

God. Family. Life. 

God. Family. Life. 


The Call to Action:

If real transformation is going to happen in the church, home, and community then it begins with men of character—we must learn what godly manhood looks like. 

Society wants to define manhood: the way we walk, talk, dress, love, and even think—but unless the example is Christ—the picture is flawed and wrong!

Society's man is far away from the created intention we are to be. For, manhood is missing from the churches and if it's missing here, then it's missing in community and more importantly, it’s way off the mark in the home. We need to be husbands, brothers, sons, fathers, and grandfathers—men of resolve and integrity—looking at Jesus Christ—the only true courageous and perfect man—full of love and strength.


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